Cloud Automation for Application Lifecycles

From provisioning to workflows to Day-2 operations, Morpheus automates cloud apps from end-to-end

Hybrid cloud application automation to move faster than the competition

Enable Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD

Provision multi-tier cloud application blueprints using the Morpheus YAML/JSON DSL or tie into third party providers – Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Microsoft ARM, Kubernetes spec, and HELM.

  • Access public or private Git repositories for versioning
  • Provision from tools like Jenkins or Octopus
  • Enable code and artifact deployment for releases

Unify cloud automation and enable GitOps

Automate any Task with support for Bash, PowerShell, HTTP, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, Groovy, Python, vRealize Orchestrator and more. Connect tasks to Git repos to enable GitOps processes.

Chain tasks together into Workflows where you can pass variables, collect user inputs, and mix task technologies.

  • Provisioning workflows are tied to lifecycle phases
  • Operational workflows are ad-hoc one-off task runs

Schedule jobs and track execution

Execute on a schedule, point in time, or on-demand. Jobs are linked to Tasks or Workflows and allow for custom options inputs, making them a powerful tool in your automation toolkit.

Morpheus makes best-in-class tools even better

Morpheus plus Ansible
The most secure way to simplify your playbooks.

Morpheus plus Terraform
Morpheus makes Terraform as easy on-prem as public cloud.

Morpheus plus ServiceNow
Easy integration for CMDB, approvals, alerts, and catalog.

Self-service doesn’t stop at provisioning; Morpheus automates lifecycle tasks for day-2

Monitor instances and applications

Anything provisioned within Morpheus automatically gets an application-integrated ‘check’ created in the monitoring service. Advanced monitoring available with integration into AppDynamics, New Relic, and ServiceNow.

Incidents and alerts can be configured for e-mail, SMS, PagerDuty, VictorOps, Slack, ServiceNow, and more.

Access logs for feedback loops

Morpheus provides a highly efficient and highly scalable solution for capturing log data from anything provisioned via the system.

By utilizing common formats (syslog) it is also very easy to forward logs to any third-party application or SIEM log system including native integration with Splunk and LogRhythm.

Backup and recover on-demand

Built-in data protection for VM, Container, Host, Database, File, Directory, Volume and Storage Provider Backup, Snapshot and Replication.

Easily integrate with external services including Commvault, Veeam, Rubrik, Zerto, and Avamar. Backups can be automatically configured during provisioning or manually created at any time.